Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

Session 1

A Letter from Ivor

Dearest child,

Forgive your da for not knowing your name yet, child, but I am still in wonder that you exist. Your grandma told me in a dream that you were alive, but showed me no face, gave me no name. I hope your ma gave you a nice name, a strong one.

There are things you must know, child. Things I fear I may not live to tell you, though I hope with all my heart that I will be able to. I have found myself on a strange adventure with companions I’d have never imagined of meeting. Cain is the closest of them, but even reading that back to myself gave me a laugh! He’s one of those magic types, a wild fire in his belly. I keep it burning with strong drink, but you wouldn’t know too much about that yet, child. Or at least I hope. You have Elmyra and Rosaria as well, they are both strange creatures, but have proven reliable companions. Well, Rosaria, at least. Rosaria is a great markswoman, but Elmyra…well, we’ll just say she’s unseasoned. Then there’s Aramis, a strong lad, but dangerous. I don’t know what it is about him that worries me, but I suppose I’ll find out one day.

Cain and I were on the road when we heard the werewolf. Well, more accurately, we heard Elmyra screaming. By the time we got there, Rosaria and Aramis were already in the fight. Cain and I joined in, and the five of us were able to down the beast. Well, four of us. It was not a good fight for me, but we cannot win them all, no? When the beast was down, Cain made a fire and we all rested. Elmyra tended to our wounds. I’ll hand it to the girl, she knows her way around a suture, and I am grateful for that. Aramis was more grateful than I, at least that night. After a while, we saw lights shining through the dark night mists, so we followed. We came to an inn, and I had to convince the barkeep to tolerate our elfish friend. He did not take kindly to my persuasion, but we were able to eat and drink our fill, and had beds for the evening. That night at the tavern, though, a strange wanderer approached us with gold and a job. Something about coming to help a lord’s sick daughter, I do not remember perfectly. With nowhere else to go, nothing else to do, my companions and I headed for the estate. As we passed the towering gates into town, we met two frightened children, scared to return to their haunted home. I had to help, and luckily my companions agreed, for the most part. This house frightens me, child. There is something dark here. I pray for the lives of my friends, and please, wherever you are, child, pray for me.



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